Get Started

1. Contact NUBIC Technical Director

Please contact the NUBIC Technical Director ([email protected]) if you have questions about getting started or to discuss the feasibility of your proposed study.

2. Create a Project

Send the Technical Director an email containing the proposal of the project. The proposal should include an outline of the project, proof of IRB approval, and billing account.

You will be notified if any additional information is required. Once the information in the proposal has been verified, you will be notified that it is ready for booking. Bookings should be done in association with the Technical Director.

3. Safety Training

All potential personnel that need entry to the MRI control room or scanner room must complete NUBIC Safety Training before. Please contact the Technical Director to setup a Safety Training appointment.

4. NUBIC Access to Waiting Area

Card access to the NUBIC main entrance in the ISEC basement can be requested by contacting the Technical Director. Prior Safety Training is required for eligibility. Request must be approved by both NUBIC and PI.

5. Scan Session MRI Safety Screening Documents